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Reed Diffuser How to & Tips

Reed diffusers are becoming a must have for the scent enthusiast. They serve as a very natural way to disburse constant scents into your home or space. If you want your space to smell good, but can't always keep a tight eye on a candle, reed diffusers are the way to go. Depending on the environment, our 4oz bottles will last 3-4 months & our reeds should be switched out every 1-2 months. Here area few tricks to make our reed diffusers last & outshine!

  • Reed diffusers add constant fragrance to your space by soaking up the fragrance oil & then releasing it into the air through the reeds
  • Once the fragrance is out so is the scent
  • Reed diffusers won't necessarily fill a room with smell, so proper placement is indicative of how well the scent will disburse
  • Place your reed diffuser in a foyer for a great greet & smell, a closet, basement or a high traffic area away from reach of children & pets
  • If the fragrance oil & diffuser vessel are packaged separately add some fragrance oil to the vessel & store the remaining in a dark closet for maximum shelf life; do not fill to the top; fill the vessel on a non-staining surface
  • Once the fragrance oil is loaded into the reed vessel, add the reeds slowly to avoid spillage; clean off any drips & place where desired using a coaster for countertop protection is advised
  • To rejuvenate your scent you must flip all or a few of the reeds once a week at the minimum; by flipping the reeds the fragrance oil goes in & disburses into the air; flipping over a sink will ensure no spillage onto countertops
  • Flipping all the reeds before leaving your home for an extended period of time will accelerate the fragrance scent you are greeted with once you return
  • When replacing the oil in your diffuser, clean out the vessel with warm soapy water & towel dry completely before refilling
  • Changing oil scents, change the reeds; reeds are subject to clogs & dust bunnies over time; it is recommended that reeds get changed out for new ones every couple months at the max so that your diffuser functions at optimum level--Check out our replacement reed packs before they are gone!

We hope that our knowledge sharing has brought you one step closer to becoming a reed diffuser lover like everyone here at Jersey Poured! Ready, set, reed diffuse, & sit back, & enjoy the lovely scent..

If you still have questions, we can help you find answers... Email us at sales@jerseypoured.com & send us a message on one of our social media platforms.



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